Resources available at BeSpatial can help you acquire, analyze, visualize and share any type of geospatial data you are interested in. We can train you and your group on efficient ways to manage geospatial data and projects. 


Remote sensing analysis

BeSpatial uses several types of remote sensing datasets for interpretation and image analysis. These can be used towards site selection, mapping, and spatial surveys.

Datasets we analyze include: 

  • AirPhotos
  • Radar
  • Lidar
  • Multispectral Datasets (UV-VIS-NIR)




BeSpatial can guide and train you in using G.I.S software, learning G.I.S terminology, and web mapping tools for your G.I.S. data management and analysis. We can provide custom G.I.S tutorials, classes, and learning materials that match your spatial questions.

We offer services and training in the following spatial software packages.


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